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Hello everyone! My name is Jessica & I am a graphic designer located in Nantucket, Massachusetts. That's right, I live on a teeny tiny little island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, where the winters are cold and the summers are madness. I have been a self-taught artist as long as I can remember, and in 2009 I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic designer by enrolling myself as a full time student at Mount Ida College. In 2014 I graduated Cum Laude and immediately geared myself towards starting my own business. Today I am proud to say that the challenges of being my own boss have lifted me to have a strong work ethic paired with a stronger love for design.


Salt Air Designs is a Nantucket based graphic design business focused on designs ranging from pencil sketches to website design. My work is based upon your business ideas. I have re-branded companies, and helped businesses, large and small, give life to their exsisting brand. I put an emphasis on timely communication, creative out of the box ideas, and friendly client service. Because I work alone, I only take on a few clients per month, giving myself enough time to focus strictly on you. Your designs are important to me, so throughout the process I check in with you to guarantee that the look continues to reflect your style, while also being a successful and effective

business tool.


Owner & Designer

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