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One of the most frequent questions I receive about design is

"What takes so long?"

I'm not a miracle worker, designing the perfect brand for you or your business takes time. The initial branding process takes about 4-6 weeks. Full branding (which includes brand/web/print) can take approximately 8 weeks. All time estimates are based upon the individual's project, client response time, revisions, edits, and my current deadline schedule. For a detailed schedule and amount of time your project will take, email me at



Like any good relationship, I want to get to know eachother. After reviewing your initial contact, we will set up a get together, phone call, or even a skype session. During this time I get to know you and your business. I want to know what your business goals are, your style, and most importantly your vision. This also gives you time to ask any questions that come to mind. This will give us time to make sure we are a good match and will make a good team when it comes to making your designs come to life.


If it turns out we are a good fit, I will put together my proposal and send it to you. At this time you can review everything and make any changes. If you approve of everything in the proposal, I ask that you save a copy for yourself, then sign and scan it back to me. You will also receive a payment form, which holds your spot with me at Salt Air Designs.

*Please note that the deposit is nonrefundable


Now it is time to do your homework! Since there is a little wait time during the process, I send you my questionnaire form to fill out about what your thoughts on your brand are.This will make sure that we are both on the same page about your new logo and brand, so there is no confusion. Your answered questionnaire provides me with important information as I go through my branding process.


Yay! I can finally start designing. First thing I'll do is create a design board, giving you your color palette, style, and the overall tone of your new upcoming brand. All of this information is based upon the completed questionnaire you filled out and sent back to me. Within a week to ten days you will receive your first design board, and will be able to make up to 3 rounds of revisions until you're in love with your concept.


Now that your design board is done, I will get to work on creating your new brand. Your logo is one of the most important parts of your brand. You want your logo to be different so it is remembered by everyone who views it. The logo design process takes about two weeks. During this time I will create a few unique logos that are based upon your design board. You will then be able to go through 3 rounds of edits until I design a new logo you are proud to have.


Its time to pull everything together and finalize that beautiful design you've been waiting for. I take your logo, color palette, fonts, patterns, sub-headings, and social media icons, and complete your newly branded business. I will give you up to 3 rounds of edits for your final design board. Once your final payment is made, I will package up your files and send them to you in a downloadable Dropbox link so you can save it to your computer.


Now that you have a newly branded business, we need to get the word out. There are two major ways to get the word out. First is through social media. I can take your new logo and business information and create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and even an Instagram to begin the process of your expansion on social media. You will also need to consider getting your brand printed (business cards, letter heads, envelopes, stickers, hang-tags etc.). Your files are delivered to you in a printable form, or you can choose to have me manage your printing needs.



While you are waiting for your prints to be completed and sent to you, it is the perfect time to get started on your new website. Again, I will have you fill out a website questionnaire to find out what type of site you're looking for. This will allow me to know how many pages your website will have, what each page will be about (if you have more than one page), and what information will go on those individual pages. It is required that you send me all photos you would like to use on your site before I begin the process of designing it. Once I have your information and questionnaire back, I will develop a layout of your home and interior pages and send it over to you for your approval. Please note that any changes you make to the website will effect the final date of the site being published. If there are any changes after you have approved of the initial layout, a seperate bill will be sent.


Once you have signed off and approved of the layout of your website, I will take 2-4 weeks and begin developing your site. Once I have finished bringing your site to life, you will recieve a "test" link to view your site before it is published. This will be your last chance to make any changes before it goes live.


Once your site is complete your new website will be uploaded to the server. I will also provide you with a free tutorial on how to update and edit your site. Once all systems are go, I will launch your new site!

Congratulations, you have officially been branded with a Graphic designer on Nantucket - Salt Air Designs LLC!

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